PPI Claims

Many thousands of people have successfully made PPI claims to get back the charges on mis-sold policies. Could you be entitled to claim? If you have been party to a loan, a mortgage or any type of credit agreement – including a credit card – in recent years the chances are that you have been paying into a payment protection insurance (PPI) policy, a type of insurance designed to cover your monthly repayments in the event you are made redundant. It is this type of policy that is at the heart of this widespread scandal: let us explain in a little more detail.

Do I have a PPI Policy?

This is the first question you should ask, and it is simple one to answer: if you have – or have previously had – credit agreements you most likely will have been paying into a PPI policy. To determine whether you can make PPI claims you need to discover if you were mis-sold that policy in any way. Many people were sold policies that were of no use to them or they did not need, while others were not told they were being sold PPI. Further still were not informed of their basic rights regarding looking for the best deal, and were simply sold the lenders policy. These are all examples of mis-selling.

I think I can make PPI Claims – Where do I Start?

If you have been paying into a PPI policy and can prove it you need to make sure you have evidence you were mis-sold that policy. This is not as difficult as it sounds, especially if you engage the help of a PPI claims solicitor. He or she will handle your case in a professional manner that stands you the best chance of a successful claim, and will most likely offer you a no win, no fee deal in which you pay only if you are successful. Find one now – there are many online – and get things underway.

How much will my PPI Claims Compensation be?

The amount you are awarded in PPI claims cases depends entirely on the value and length o the mortgage or loan you have been covering. Some websites offer calculators to give you an idea, but they should be taken as estimates only. Your solicitor will make sure that you get back everything you are owed, and you have the peace of mind of having a professional handling your case. Remember, it is your right to claim for mis-sold PPI, so don’t delay a minute longer!

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